AdVendtures is a professional sales and marketing team dedicated to introducing new innovative products to the vending and micro market retail channels.

We are creating new options with:

  • * New Healthy Snacks, Beverages and Foods
  • * Grab and Go Snacks and Products
  • * Grab and Go Beverages
  • * Micro Market Options
  • * Consulting Services for Vending Formats
  • * Our own traditional vending support programs

Advendtures has a full line-up of products ideal for a vending program. Our products come a wide source of clients from the USA, Canada and even worldwide (ex Johannesburg, South Africa). The team has a long prior history working in the industry including:

  • Working with the industry trade shows including NAMA
  • Creating programs with the core vending distributors
  • Helping with new innovations in the OCS areas
  • Sourcing new charity vending programs

The Earth’s Factory Line-Up


* Our brands can be seen in thousands of stores in both the US and Canada including Whole Foods, Cost Plus World Markets, Wegman’s, Big Y and many others.

Healthy Vending

We are adding more healthy options to our line-up of natural and organic juices, snacks and foods monthly. More details coming soon.